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How to Show Leadership

How can you demonstrate exceptional leadership? This may sound like an easy and straightforward question, but it’s not. When answering it, most people emphasize traits such toughness, experience, confidence, and determination. Yes, these traits are necessary when...

Development Goals for Leadership

When you sit back and think about how you could better lead the people assigned to you, the answer may be tougher than you want to accept. They need you to develop your skills and understandings of your business and industry so you can guide them in appropriate ways....

Leadership Training Topics

Leadership trainers strive to present leadership training topics of greatest use and value to trainees. Very often, these leadership training topics vary according to specific needs of a business. For example, in manufacturing leadership training topics may focus on...

Muhammad Babangida

Muhammad Babangida is an accomplished business executive with over 20 years of experience in the areas of education, security services, and banking.